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Tired of Tolerating Food Intolerance?

Do you ever get diarrhea, upset stomach, or occasional headaches after eating? These feelings may be from foods you eat that your body is sensitive to and just doesn’t digest properly. It’s generally good to be tolerant, but you don’t have to put up with food intolerance. If you are tired of unwanted recurring symptoms, there are natural remedies available that can help. What is... Read More

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Because Quality Matters; How to Get the Most Out of Supplementation

When it comes to getting the most nutritional benefit out of natural supplements, there are three main considerations: 1. Quality of the ingredients and manufacturing processes to make the supplement 2. How the supplement is taken 3. How the supplement is stored When I speak with my patients, I explain that each are important for health. Even a quality supplement, if taken at the wrong time... Read More

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With meals? In the morning? When’s the best time?

To get the most out of your supplements, it is important to take them at the right time and in the right conditions. But this is easier said than done. Which supplements should be taken with food, and which are best taken on an empty stomach? Which supplements pair well together, and which do not? Use this guide as a reference to help you develop... Read More

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Are Sports Drinks a Good Way to Stay Hydrated?

We all see commercials claiming that sports drinks help boost our energy and athletic ability when exercising or engaging in physical activities. These advertisements promote their positive effects and leave the impression that sports drinks are essential to improving our performance, hydrating our bodies, and giving us an edge. But are these drinks really better than water? What are the scientific reasons to consume sports... Read More

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