Brain & Neurological Condition

As we age, our brain and cognitive skills start slowing down. This is due to degeneration of brain cells. Studies have found that mind improvement games, brain exercises and certain supplements can enhance the mind’s ability and slow down, or prevent, mental decline.

Posted on: May 14th, 2018 by Brandon

Losing your mental sharpness? Curcumin shows promise

Let’s face it — aging can be frustrating. Our bodies are not as toned as we’d like, and our sight may not be as keen as it once was. But when we start to notice our mind slipping a bit, it can become very concerning. Have you ever found yourself forgetting to take care of simple tasks, the name of somebody you haven’t seen in... Read More

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Posted on: May 22nd, 2017 by Brandon

Can Nature Make Migraines Less of a Headache?

Like a jackhammer going off within the head, migraines are notorious for their repetitive, throbbing, and pulsating nature. Light sensitivity, nausea, feeling lightheaded, and visual changes are a few of the most frequent symptoms reported by those who have suffered from migraines. Many people have experienced these troublesome head pains to some extent, but what causes them? Are migraines just something we have to deal... Read More

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Posted on: November 19th, 2016 by Brandon

Avoid Feeling SAD about Seasonal Depression

Just as the coming of summer gives most people a healthy dose of good feelings and excitement for warm-weather activities, the shorter days and longer periods of darkness that accompany winter are known to cause some mild cases of the “blues” and can cause even more serious levels of outright depression. Most people feel at least some effect from the colder weather and reduced sunlight,... Read More

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Posted on: June 10th, 2016 by Brandon

Do you know the magnesium form your body needs?

You may remember from science class that magnesium is a gray mineral that is the ninth most-abundant element in the universe. It is also the fourth most-abundant mineral in the body, in which about 60% of it is found in bone. A lack of magnesium has little effect on our stature, but it affects so much of our body’s functions. Most Americans are not aware... Read More

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