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The Immune-Boosting Power of Mushrooms

There is no shortage of products that claim to help people get through cold and flu season. But for those who like to focus on scientifically-backed natural medicines, consider making room in your medicine cabinet for an effective new immune-booster – mushrooms. In some parts of the world, mushrooms have been used medicinally for centuries. However, many people in western medicine do not realize their... Read More

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For Nausea, Treat Your Stomach Gingerly

Nausea is a sensation we’ve all experienced. Whether it’s from a seemingly roller-coaster ride in the car, the food we eat, pregnancy, or anything in between, it’s a feeling you would do almost anything to get rid of once you have it. They often say people who are feeling woozy look “green” in the face and, as Kermit the Frog likes to say, “It’s not... Read More

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Have a Hunger to Stop Eating Sweets?

Do you find yourself reaching for a sweet treat after meals? Do you find these cravings often happen at about the same time each day or month? People experience sugar cravings for reasons such as poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, getting out of the “regular” meal habits, carbohydrate-heavy meals, or even a consistent indulgence that has programmed the brain over time. As hard as... Read More

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Losing your mental sharpness? Curcumin shows promise

Let’s face it — aging can be frustrating. Our bodies are not as toned as we’d like, and our sight may not be as keen as it once was. But when we start to notice our mind slipping a bit, it can become very concerning. Have you ever found yourself forgetting to take care of simple tasks, the name of somebody you haven’t seen in... Read More

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